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Xtreme 5


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Xtreme firmware 5.0A and 5.0B for TS-H943 Xbox 360



Single Layer!, FirmGuard, Two Speed, Media Stealth, One Firmware, Xbox 360 backup and extraction firmware modification!





(V5.0) Single Layer DVD disc support(+/-R) for both Xbox1 and 360

(V5.0) Xbox1 file ISO support - burn just game files to disk in ISO format

(V5.0) Xbox1 file ISO capacity increase to utilise full disk space for single layer

(v5.0) 360 file ISO support (Work in progress. New QWIX tool to come)

(V5.0) Supports older style XBox1 disk format (just burn game.iso)

(v5.0) Enable0800 disk now supported on single layer disk

(v5.0)  New 5.0a (fast always) and 5.0b (slow always) read speed option (Originals unaffected)

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