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SimpleX v.03



1. What is SimpleX ISO?

It's a 2 in 1 program.

It's legal tool to make "TRUE" Xbox iso

or extracts an Xbox ISO.

(It can do both at the same time :) )


2. Why ?

I wrote this just 'cause I hate XDFSExtract.exe and gdfimage.exe :)

They are slow and rape the CPU's resource.


3. Features of SimpleX ISO ?

-= Create "TRUE" XBOX iso :

You can compare the iso file created by gdfimage.exe

with the iso file created by this program. There are only some differences

at the address: 1001Ch -> 10023h ; These addresses holds the creation

time of the iso; So of course they should be difference.

-= It uses less CPU resource than XDFSExtract and gdfimage

(You can use it while listening to your favorite music)

-= It's fast

-= It is using Graphical User Interface (GUI-Simple Window GUI)

-= It's simple:

After you apply the "Establish shell extensions", you can right-click on

* a folder to create an xbox iso

* an iso file to extract it.


4. How to Install?

- Unzip

- Copy SimpleX.exe and SimpleXExt.dll to any folder

(suggesstion: where you used to store applications

or make a new folder)


- Run it from there


5. Contact:

I wrote it in MASM32 (see the included source code)

If you see any bugs, please report it to me via email below

(please give me more detail if possible)


BTW, I'm not good in English - I appreciate all grammar corrections.

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